DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2021/04/04

Ephatah smart electric ,浙江以法他智能电气有限公司。提供能源与自动化数字解决方案,服务于家居、楼宇、数据中心、基础设施和工业市场。标志设计以公司字母eyf为基础,在设计及组合上得出一个恰当且整洁的形式,同时直观的呈现出了活力与科技这两个主要关健词。


Ephatah smart electric Co., Ltd.

Provide digital solutions for energy and automation, serving the home, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial markets. The logo design is based on the company letter eyf. It comes to an appropriate and neat form in design and combination, and intuitively presents the two key words of vitality and technology.