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Zhang Tao, Independent Graphic designer and art director. I am passionate about confident and successful products and design aesthetics, I will combine the perspective of consumers, Explore the accuracy and possibilities of design language, Help brands establish unique design aesthetic paradigms. The collection of works has been recognized multiple times by professional design awards at the regional and international levels.




入选APD No.18《第十八届亚太设计年鉴》

入选APD No.19《第十九届亚太设计年鉴》

站酷zcool 2022年度创作者 “三火之星”

入围Award360° 2022 年度设计奖



Hiiibrand Awards 12 国际品牌&传达设计大奖优异奖

CGDA 2022 1项银奖、1项铜奖、1项优秀奖、1项入围奖

ADC年度设计大奖 第101届纽约国际艺术指导俱乐部佳作奖


Zcool Awards 2018 站酷奖(品牌设计)获奖者

Hiiibrand Awards 9 国际品牌&传达设计大奖铜奖

CGDA2019 视觉传达设计奖1项优秀奖、2项入围奖

Hiiibrand Awards 2017 优异奖




Selected in APD No.18 "18th Asia Pacific Design Yearbook"

Selected in APD No.19 "18th Asia Pacific Design Yearbook"

zcool 2022 Creator of the Year "Three Fire Stars"

Finalized for the Award 360 ° 2022 Design Award

GRAND DESIGN AWARDS 2022 (2 awards for brand design)

Behance special gallery and homepage recommendation

The 12th Hiiibrand Awards won the Excellence Award

CGDA2022 1 silver award, 1 bronze award, 1 excellence award, 1 finalist award

101th Art Directors Club Annual Award, Merit Award, NY, USA

Recommended designers with millions of views on zcool

Zcool Awards 2018 Won the brand design award

The 9th Hiiibrand Awards Bronze Award

CGDA2019 1 excellent award and 2 finalists

The 8th Hiiibrand Awards 2017 Excellence Award

Invited authors of Electronic Industry Press and People's Post and Telecommunications Press (brand and font design)

More than 100000 hits of multiple works and professional knowledge articles on various design platforms