DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2022



品牌的延展图案参考了厨师围裙的条纹,这些出现在日常中的条纹 图案,让消费者在看到时能产生快速接受的亲近感,提升对品牌的信赖;严谨的比例及秩序感,代表着专业厨师级别的烹饪,用以反映吾谷生鲜为宠物提供上等佳肴,严选食材,对待宠物食品的高标准及专业性。包装版式简明有序,避免引起消费者视觉(信息)焦虑。




Wugu Fresh is a pet health food brand under the PETSHY umbrella. It is mainly aimed at cats and dogs. It insists on using fresh and natural ingredients with grain free formula.

In the brand logo design of Wugu Fresh, the writing logic of the character itself is retained, and there is no superfluous modification in the composition form. Dynamic curve design is made at each stroke to increase the uniqueness and sense of quality. The thick and full appearance, relaxed curve, and appropriate loveliness present the brand connotation of humanity, nature, and simplicity.

The extended pattern of the brand refers to the stripes of the chef's apron. These stripes appear in daily life, allowing consumers to have a quick sense of closeness when they see them, and enhancing their trust in the brand; The strict proportion and sense of order represent the cooking of professional chefs, reflecting the high standard and professionalism of Wugu fresh food in providing high-quality food for pets, strictly selecting ingredients, and treating pet food. The packaging format is concise and orderly to avoid causing consumers' visual (information) anxiety.