DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2022

卡乐优COLOYOU ,2009年诞生于上海,取自Color + you的单词组合,意为给孩子带来更丰富多彩的人生体验。截止2021年,卡乐优已经取得了连续三年天猫双十一销量第一的成绩,先后与惠氏、美赞臣等世界500强品牌合作/3000家+ 幼儿园老师推荐/玩具反斗城/孩子王等数千家线下门店有售。迄今无论是在销售额、市场知名度还是行业影响力,已经当之无愧地成为粘土行业领导品牌。



COLOYOU, born in Shanghai in 2009, It means to bring more colorful life experience to children.By 2021, Coloyou has achieved the first sales volume of Tmall Global for three consecutive years, and has cooperated with Wyeth, Mead Johnson and other top 500 brands in the world.

So far, it has become a leading brand in the clay industry in terms of sales, market awareness and industry influence.

In the new brand vision, the brand font has been treated more enduringly and humanely, and the logo, function icon and details have been thick and enlarged, which is more in line with the children's perspective, and also makes the whole more awkward and childlike; In the presentation of packaging extended vision, from the title to the product description information, the priority has been sorted out, the information layout has been processed in a hierarchical manner with clear priorities, the ultra-childlike minimalist symbol and brand name logo, and the standardized product introduction information has its own gains in comparison, which is childlike, professional and quality; At the same time, for individual products with far-sight distance, appropriate information title settings are selected according to the sales environment.