DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2020





Xiaoyang, advocating green and natural healthy lifestyle; It mainly sells pure natural high-end skin care products, but does not target any skin care brands. It pioneered the patented technology of organic cold and fresh skin care slime, which is composed of only traditional Chinese medicine and water, and organic cold and fresh slime, which is developed by the core technology of international traditional Chinese medicine. It is suitable for men and women. Because of its unique operation mode, it is only possible to consume in China, so it is hoped to focus on the Chinese name. The brand's straightness and characteristics have passed the simplicity The organic and natural strokes of the font logo, combined with the auxiliary graphics representing 100% natural, and the minimalist packaging vision to reflect 100% pure natural and high-quality texture, look restrained, real, natural, without pompous decoration, try to remove the commercial part, the overall design is more to convey a calm "slow" temperament, which is also urgently needed in modern society, A proper expression was made for the brand of Xiaoyang.


The main series of products are packaged with Roman numerals I, II, III, IV, and are designed with different background colors, which are more convenient for consumers to remember and choose. At the same time, they have certain eye-catching recognition and sociality, and are also used to represent different effects of the products. Straight lines are used for rational balance and standard layout, and the colors with some mild transitional vegetation smell echo the theme of traditional Chinese medicine.