DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2022

UUS作为全品类家居家具品牌,计划在淘宝成立8家淘宝店铺 - uus家具uus灯具uus饰品uus织物uus家居uus窗帘uus地毯uus画廊。



UUS, as a brand of all kinds of household furniture, plans to set up 8 Taobao stores in Taobao - UUS furniture,

UUS lamps, UUS accessories, UUS fabrics, UUS home, UUS curtains, UUS carpets, UUS gallery.


The lines of the three letters of UUS have the comparison of circle and square.

This feature is appropriate in the context of home design. In the design, it maintains the advantages of the letter itself, makes many fine adjustments to the curve and anchor points of the letter, and“ ®” The style of characters has also been unified and become a part of the logo, so as to get a soothing, eye-catching and minimalist appearance, showing the image temperament of high-quality, modern and inclusive brand.

The main color of the logo is black, white and gray, which is better for the presentation of auxiliary products.