DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2020

BOBAHEAD,座落在美国波特兰的一家茶饮店, 主要产品: 主要产品为珍珠奶茶类饮料,现泡果茶,季节新鲜水果茶。 


关键字是简洁,现代,有趣,包容及homie文化,设计方案以简约的构图来表现这些特点,黑与白的形式表现出茶饮混调创新性和身份,logo中提取出来的圆点符号组成图案,简洁中带有一些嬉皮感,生动有趣,在视觉上有一定的侵虐性,同时传达出聚集的概念。比例刚好适用黄金比例,两个圆在黄金分割线上,也映射出bobahead对待茶饮严谨的一面。杯子里的艺术(Art in the cup)。

BOBAHEAD, a tea shop located in Portland, USA. Main products: The main products are bubble milk tea beverages, freshly brewed fruit teas, and seasonal fresh fruit teas.


The keywords are concise, modern, interesting, tolerant and homie culture. The design scheme uses a simple composition to express these characteristics. The black and white form expresses the innovation and identity of the tea blend, and the dots extracted from the logo are composed of symbols. The pattern is concise with a sense of hippie, vivid and interesting, visually aggressive, and conveys the concept of gathering at the same time. The ratio just fits the golden ratio. The two circles are on the golden ratio line, which also reflects bobahead's rigorous treatment of tea.

Art in the cup.