​cafe ma


DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2023

cafe (ma),主要为国外精品咖啡店供应云南精选咖啡豆,品牌标志的设计以咖啡豆为主题,在字母上做风格化处理,结合富有生命力的线条,呈现多风格,跨时代的交融;包装的延伸,使用不同角度特质带来的声音和色彩,对应不同的咖啡风味及烘培度;多风格的版式对比处理,以及可读性的控制,呈现云南风土,云南咖啡特有的魅力。

Cafe (ma), mainly supplies Yunnan selected coffee beans to foreign boutique coffee shops. The design of the brand logo takes coffee beans as the theme, stylizes the letters, and combines the lines with vitality to present a multi-style and cross-era blend; The extension of packaging uses the sound and color brought by the characteristics from different angles, corresponding to different coffee flavors and baking degrees; Multi-style format contrast processing and readability control show the unique charm of Yunnan coffee.