Swiggle Smiles


DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2023

Swiggle Smiles来自澳大利亚的口腔护理品牌,水牙线是Swiggle Smiles的核心产品,轻松有效使用牙线的终极解决方案。这种先进的设备将水脉动的力量与360度可旋转喷嘴相结合,提供深度彻底的清洁。告别牙菌斑和细菌,向更健康的牙龈和更灿烂的笑容问好。凭借可定制的水压设置和易于使用的设计,实现最佳口腔健康从未如此容易。

为了呈现更专业及舒适的体验,对Swiggle Smiles进行了logo及产品包装的设计升级。

Swiggle Smiles is an oral care brand from Australia, Swiggle Smiles Water Flosser, the ultimate solution for effortless and effective flossing. This advanced device combines the power of water pulsations with a 360-degree rotatable nozzle to provide a deep and thorough clean. Say goodbye to plaque and bacteria, and hello to healthier gums and a brighter smile. With customisable water pressure settings and easy-to-use design, achieving optimal oral health has never been easier. 

In order to present a more professional and comfortable experience, Swiggle Smiles has undergone logo and product packaging design upgrades.