​wuyue may


DESIGNER: zhangtao

YEAR: 2018

伍樂旅行,创始人为5位女性,4位从英国毕业回国,1位从意大利毕业回国,经历了多年的沉淀,5位创始人从旅行玩家蜕变成了优秀的旅行定制师。专注于私人旅行定制,不是传统的导游,而是同伴式的定制型旅游,提供超过行业标准的自由度,提升客户旅行的品质,打造旅行回忆。旅行定制师解决一切出行困难,深度挖掘需求,提供精准、精致的旅行服务是伍樂的核心 。



​WuYue May, The founders are five women, four of whom graduated from the UK and one of whom graduated from Italy. After years of precipitation, the five founders have transformed from travel players into excellent travel customizers. Focusing on private travel customization, it is not a traditional guide, but a companion customized tourism, providing more freedom than industry standards, improving the quality of customers' travel, and creating travel memories. The core of Wule is to solve all travel difficulties, deeply explore needs and provide accurate and exquisite travel services.

The logo creativity is a dynamic that forms a circle and fills in the transition, representing a perfect travel process and memory point, and also reflecting the satisfactory service, the smooth cooperation of the team, and the process of constantly gathering to provide accurate services; 5 points, 5 IP addresses, corresponding to the characteristics of block service, simple and profound graphics; Surrounding dynamic, the white inside is stretched out to form a positive energy sign color, which will choose the infectious orange color.